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The programs at Cabo Dolphins are exciting family activities that give you another reason to come to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo Dolphins is one of the few dolphin and marine mammal educational centers in the world that offer people of all ages the opportunity to experience up-close and personal experiences with Bottlenose dolphins.
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Become a Trainer for a Day

Feeding Dolphins

At Cabo Dolphins, it is our ambition to promote a better awareness of marine mammals and their intricate underwater world. In order to do this, we have specifically developed our Swim with Dolphins, Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Kids, and Trainer for a Day programs. Through the educational and interaction portions of these programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of marine mammals and enjoy a special closeness with these amazing animals. Learn more



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Cabo Dolphins

Dolphin Swim

Our Dolphin Swim offers the smallest group size available anywhere to swim with dolphins. You're ensured the best possible opportunity to develop a close personal bond with your dolphin. You'll discover all there is know about dolphins from the best possible teachers - the dolphins themselves, as they talk and flirt with you in the comfort and safety of our specially designed pool.

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Dolphins Experience

Belly to Belly Dolphin Swim

Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins and, at our Cabo Dolphins center, we're host to several Pacific Bottlenose dolphins eager to meet you. We offer the chance to chat, cuddle, and flirt with these cheeky and charming creatures.

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Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

Learn all about the world of the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin from the best possible teachers - the dolphins themselves. Designed for the curious of any age or swim ability, our Dolphin Encounters program will get you closely acquainted with our friendly family of dolphins in the comfort and safety of our specially designed shallow platforms. Learn more.

Dolphin Kids

Boy and Dolphin

At Cabo Dolphins, we believe people of all ages should have the chance to experience our friendly family of dolphins so we have designed this program specifically for young kids aged 4 to 9 so they can interact and get closer to dolphins than they ever dreamed possible. And once they meet our dolphins, they'll get the impression that the dolphins just as keen to meet them too. Learn more.